Peter Backx' profile pictureHi, welcome to the blog of Peter Backx. That’s me. This blog is my playground where I experiment with all kinds of web applications and tech. If you like it, let me know. If you don’t, let me know, but be gentle.

I started life as a techie. Messing with that C64 my dad bought and those Radio Shack electronic 100-in-1 experiment kits. As was foretold in the stars, I ended up in engineering, but managed to stay away from the real stuff (buildings, chemistry, etc.) and ended up in the computer science department.

Bedazzled by all that hardware and especially the miles of network cables, I stuck around after my Master of Science and went for a PhD. Right around the 2000 bubble, networking was still hip, so that was going to be my subject. I built application clusters, I built grids, I wrote management software and I automated all that. I customized JBoss to support hot reloading and load balancing before every server had that. Servers adapted to the load, requesting backup, and dynamically adapting. It was magic, now that magic is confined to “the book”. The one that covers my research and granted me PhD degree. Also the one that will forever sit on “the shelf”.

During all those university years, one interest stuck, that is the creation of content. Where do you get ideas? And more importantly, how do you develop them without loosing interest. It was a loosing battle, but the subjects that stuck are still here with me today. 3D, multimedia, new technology, fancy shiny new toys, hype-of-the-day.

I also became a big picture thinker. Preferring to think about methodologies instead of practicalities. But eventually I wanted to prove my theories were right, so I learned to enjoy both the practical and the thought experiment.

In 2005 I felt it was time to try something new, I had to move and discover new frontiers and see how people actually use web application. After a detour in banking applications I am now helping to create and support Belgian’s most popular news site. Experienced in J2EE, I have an in depth knowledge of all layers of web applications. From high performance data access to maintainable and speedy JavaScript.

But the journey never ends. With this blog I keep on experimenting, trying out new technologies and disapproving incorrect assumptions.

And this is were we are today, nice to meet you.

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