2015 is Over, Welcome 2016

Another year has passed, so it’s time to take a short look back and think about what to do in 2016.

Previous years: 20142013, 2012, 2011, 2010.


The year went by very quickly. Out main goals was moving into our new house. Sadly, that was not possible, so it’s also 2016’s goal.

On other fronts, my freelancing career continued nicely. I switched clients late 2015 and I’m now working for a smaller company. A nice change of pace.

In 2015 I started to remove some obligations from my plate to make space for new endeavors. I’m not sure I succeeded, but it was fun doing all kinds of smaller things:


I want to continue the same trend as last year. Lots of small things. Some items on my list:

Enjoy the new year

Lets see what we can make this year.

PS, check out @mijustin’s project.

PS2, Image at the top is a 2016 monkey keychain that you can print from Thingiverse.