Change User Behavior, Design with Intent

Not all web applications are created equally. Some attract millions of users, others only a handful. One major differentiator is how data and features are represented visually and how the user interacts with them. Some chase users away by their terse, technical and random screens. Others lure in even the most uninterested user by engaging them every step of the way.

But how do you get from that boring spreadsheet to an interactive user magnet?

The Design with Intent Toolkit helps by asking key questions on user interaction and design in general.

The toolkit is a pack of about 100 cards that ask questions on how you could improve your design in order to influence the user to do exactly what needs to be done. Each card also offers a possible practical answer to the question by showing an example.

The cards have influences from a wide range of design disciplines. Ranging from architecture to web site design. Some may not be applicable to your specific situation, but a surprisingly large number are.

It’s a great game: If you want to improve the design of your application, pick a card and see what answers you can think of.