Video Goggles for True and Stunningly Immersive 3D

One of my main gripes with any virtual reality installation have always been the visuals. Real, high-res 3D images are quite hard to recreate. However, as technology progresses, it seems we are finally nearing the point of true immersive 3D. Recently, a number of video goggles have appeared that might be the answer to this problem.

Most of them are aimed at watching video on the road, which seems like an ok application, but not really why I would want to buy them. Watching a movie in private on a busy plane might be nice, but immersing yourself in a 3D environment is the real thing.

Vuzix has a line of headsets that seem to be quite popular and qualitative. The reviews are all very favorable.

There are more options, but be careful when selecting glasses, because not all of them are capable of real 3D display. Some of them just show one picture on their two screens. For instance, Myvu doesn’t support 3D, as far as I know. However the Zeiss Cinemizer does.

I guess, it’s time to take out the cash.