Launching my First Vaadin AppEngine Project

If I’ve been a little slow to reply or it takes a while to do the things I promised, it’s because of this. I just launched a Vaadin site hosted on Google App Engine. It’s Dutch only, but feel free to take a look. is aimed at making the bookkeeping of part time entrepreneurs a lot easier. uses all of the Vaadin and Google AppEngine techniques I’ve been talking about on the blog:

The project is currently in a “soft-launch” test phase where I’m looking for a few brave users that want to go first and test everything. Although I’m pretty confident, there are always issues with a project like this. The plan is to gradually add extra functionality during the next few months and fix up some of the graphical presentation.

Let me know what you think, and most of all, take a look on

  • Dirk


    Nice site!
    Do you plan a webservice API?

  • Hey Dirk,
    Thanks! Feel free to share the site with any one who can use it 🙂

    I don’t think there will be an API in the short term. I will, however, make sure users aren’t locked into the application. For instance, an export function is high on my list of new features.

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  • Joonas

    Have you tried GAEContainer for direct access of datastore from Vaadin?

  • Hey Joonas,
    Thanks for the suggestion. It’s certainly something I’m going to try very soon.
    Currently I think, my datastore entities are a bit too different from the beans I show in Vaadin. But it’s a difference I want to refactor out of my code, so GAEContainer is certainly on my list of stuff to test.
    Kind regards,

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  • Philip Arks

    Hi Peter,

    First, thank you for your blog posts. they really helped me in one or the other way.
    furthermore i wanted to ask you if you integrated a file upload to the gae blobstore in your project or in some other project?

    Kind Regards,

  • I haven’t done this, but it’s certainly something I am going to try in the near future. I’d like to give the users the ability to upload logo’s and documents.

    I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

  • I’ve now integrated this functionality in my project. There’s a sample project included with my latest post: