What I’m doing now

Inspired by Derek Sivers now page, here’s what I am doing right now (last update March 2017):

  • Enjoying family life, getting ready for a short Easter holiday.
  • Working as a freelancer, helping my clients improve their Java development.
  • Reading. Among others, the entire Dune saga. I’m about to finish re-reading the second book (Dune Messiah).
  • Going through the Udacity AI nanodegree. I’m about halfway in the first term. I’m still unsure about what specialization to choose for the second term (there are 3 choices: natural language processing, voice or image recognition)
  • Finishing up my design for a customizable table lamp which I plan to sell on Etsy. More details soon.
  • Figuring out what robot to print with my 3D printer. It’s going to be a quadcopter, but I’m a bit stuck on whether or not I should invest in good equipment right away (a good receiver is quite expensive)
  • Re-watching Star Trek The Next Generation. I’m about halfway of the 5th season right now. I hope to finish this by September 28th 2017, just in time for its 30th anniversary.

A clock always pointing to "now"

What I’m not doing right now:


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